SEO in 2013 – what do we expect?

Now, where the clock is ticking towards 2013, it is time to look on what happened in 2012 on the SEO-front and say a little about my expectations for 2013. 2012 was a year, where Google changed there algorithm a lot with different updates (e.g. PANDA and PENGUIN updates). The main purpose for these updates was to upgrade the quality of search results.

Beside this, Google seriously rolled out there own social network Google+, by launching Google Authorship, a link between articles you write on websites and your Google+ profile, and launching Google communities, that will make people debate on a lot of topics on Google+. Why is these two launches important for SEO. Google Authorship is important for SEO, because it links your social activity to your website and hence marketing of your website on Google+ becomes much more important in the future. Google communities is important for SEO, because it gives a new way to brand your products on Google+.

These changes and what they meant for SEO in 2012, leads me to the following expectations on how we are using SEO in 2013:

  • Marketing on social networks, especially Google+, will become much more important in 2013. Many people expect, that the social activity about your website, e.g. number of shares, number of +1 and number of comments on links to your site will become a factor in determine your place in the search results in 2013.
  • The quality of the content of websites will become a bigger factor for SEO in 2013. A high quality article, is a long article (minimum 500 words) with a lot of pictures and YouTube movies, that is well written and is shared and commented a lot. Google improve there algorithm to become better to detect quality of content, and I expect there will become much more of this i 2013.
  • Another trend we have seen is that much more people gets smartphones and tablets and view websites using this. That leads to an expectation about websites become much more mobile friendly in 2013. Developing a mobile version of a website will become more common.
  • Good page titles and meta descriptions will still be important. Also other visible elements in the search result page, such as authorship and rich snippets will stay important, because they are eye-catchy. I don’t expect Google to remove the Google+ profile photo of the author of content from the search result page, because it shows the searcher the quality of the article. I expect Google to put a logo of a company in the search result page as well, when the companies websites has setup publisher relation.
  • Google will become better to detect duplicate content, so this is not the way to go, when you are thinking SEO value of your website.
  • Link building will still be an important part of SEO. It shows quality, because the visitor is willing to link to the content.
  • Too many keywords is not good for SEO, because it signals keyword stuffing. But to few gives Google the idea that the article is not specific enough about the keyword. It is therefore important to find a balance in the number of keywords used. This balancing will become more important, because Google will give penalty to websites with too many keywords. Maybe some tests on this issue should be made – how many keywords i acceptable?

So the conclusion on how you should create content with a high SEO-value in 2013:  Write high-quality, long content and use time to link build and market it on Google+ and other social networks. Make the content easy to read by search engines (good titles, meta descriptions, rich snippets, authorship, readable URLs etc.). The rule of tumb must be: If it is easy to make the content, the content does not have a high SEO-value.

These were my expectations for where SEO will go in 2013. What are your expectations?

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Andreas Andersen

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9 år siden

Well put. Those points will certainly be important. My prediction is that social signals are going to be more important then ever! I mean everyone and their mother are on facebook and twitter these days. And if a website is shared a lot there it means it’s popular.

Maybe we will see link building merging with social media campaigns, who knows!

9 år siden
Reply to  John

I think you are right.To market your site on social networks are important today and will become even more important in the future. Especially Google+ will be an important factor, so everyone that has a website and not a Google+ profile, should definitely get one now…this is a very important place to market your website…at least as important as Facebook.

9 år siden

Hi there Andreas I think that the term link building will die sooner or later to be replaced with the term link getting! Because I think that Google will soon develop an algorithm that can decide whether or not a link is gained naturally or artificially of course the algorithm in question cannot be 100% precise but hey shit happens Google 🙂

9 år siden
Reply to  Sigge

There is no doubt that Google’s algorithm is going in a more intelligent development, so it is better to detect “cheap” links. Maybe we will see some of these moves in 2013???

I will immediately snatch your rss feed as I can not to find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Kindly allow me recognize so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

9 år siden

Hi! Thank you very much for your interest. A newsletter are comming up in the future. Undtil then you can follow me in these ways:

Using RSS (Just created and added as a link in the menu on top):

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And thank you for your comment, that made me make a RSS-feed.

9 år siden

What google lauch new Algoritm next June? I new learn SEO and confused how to kill new Algoritm from Google, and i think new concept for SEO 2013 will be trend again in search engine

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