Build good Nofollow links

Nofollow links are links, which instructs Google not to pass on Google Pagerank to the destination address. Can you use these Nofollow links in your linkbuilding strategy or should you avoid them? I will point some of the answers out in this article.

When you are building Nofollow links, you must distinguish between good and bad Nofollow links. Bad Nofollow links are links, which are easy builded (usually with a linkbuilding software) and does not lead to more visitors. Good Nofollow links are links that are Nofollow, but will lead to more visitors. That may be links on Facebook or Youtube, which are Nofollow.

You can see in this screenshot, that shows a Facebook page and Nofollow links marked with a red square, that Facebook posts are usually NoFollow.


You can see that both the link that is written in the text and the primary link of the post is marked with a red square, indicating that both are Nofollow links. However, these are good Nofollow links. Because even though they don’t pass on Pagerank, they will still lead to a lot of visitors, because it is on a very popular social network.

Another good Nofollow link is a Google+ post. However, this differs from Facebook posts, that the primary link is actually a follow link. Therefore, when you make a Google+ post with a link, always prefer using the primary link, and not just include it in the post.


Should I build links on blog comments?

Links on blog comments are usually also Nofollow and very easy to get. Often these don’t give you any visitors (except maybe from the owner of the website). And often the owner of the website delete the link or the comment, because they see you as a comment spammer.

However, if you are one of the first that comment on an article, and the website don’t have too many visitors (so the owner actually are interested in getting comments), you will usually keep the link and will get some visitors, because you are the first on the list (depending on what you write in the comment and if the link are relevant).

Should I build links on discussion boards?

Usually links in discussion boards are also Nofollow (although there exists some discussion boards that give you Follow links). If you are active on the discussion board, and the link that you post are relevant, you will usually keep the link and will get visitors from it.

But if you just spam the discussion board with links, the good discussion boards are usually highly moderated, and will either remove the links or ban you.

A rule of thumb

A general rule of thumb is, that if the link is easy to build, it is nothing worth. And you should not only be interested in building Dofollow links, just because Nofollow do not pass on Pagerank, because Nofollow links can still give visitors to your site.

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