Get your own custom Google+ address

Last month Google announced that they would offer custom addresses for your Google+ profile. This means that instead of having this long adress:

You can instead have an adress like:øgfeldtAndersen

Which indead looks much better and is more easy to remember.

How do I get my own custom Google+ address?

Unfortunately you don’t decide when you get a custom Google+ URL. Google will send you an e-mail to your GMail and additionally show you a message on Google+, when Google is ready to offer you a custom URL.

Beside that you can actually not either decide how the adress should look. Google will give you some proposals that you can choose between.

So if you have not heard from Google yet, you unfortunately have to wait.

What is the cost of a Google+ custom URL?

The custom Google+ URL is free – for now. Google has announced that they may cost a fee in the future. But Google will of corse notice you about this before they do and you will then be able to remove your custom URL.

Alternative solution

Beside this there is also some alternative websites that offers you an easy URL that directs to your Google+ URL. An example of this is that gives an address like:

Make your own subdomain that points to your Google+ URL

If you have your own private blog, it is also a good idea to create your own subdomain and then point this to your Google+ profile. First create a subdomain like:

Then create a PHP file, call it index.php and then insert the following code:

header( 'Location:') ;


This file is then uploaded to the folder of the subdomain. Then you have your own custom Google+ URL.


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